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Jersey's Own Hoi Polloi

Since 1991, Jersey's Own Hoi Polloi
 ('s pronounced "HOY-puh-LOY") has performed in hundreds of venues in the New York area...and even as far away as Boston, Dallas, and Key West.

Click around this site to find out a little bit about what we do, and why people hire us again and again to entertain at weddings, parties, restaurants, clubs, and public events.

We focus on FUN!

Hoi Polloi's versatility is world-renowned! (Okay, maybe not *world* renowned...but we're pretty renowned in this New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania area.)  We've played for audience members from 5 to 85 years old, so we have developed a music catalog that fits the crowd.

We're available in:
  • formalwear • street clothes • pajamas
  • acoustic or electric
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